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About me

I started work, Easter 1969, having justed missed the swinging sixties. I went into the french polishing and wood finishing department at a high quality cabinet making company. Served a six year apprentice and three years at college part time.

Finishing car wood interiors was something that woodfinishes were expected to able to do. I had 2 Triumph vitesses at that time that were in need the woodwork refinishing this lead me into to specialising in car wood trim in the mid 80s.
I started making dashboards and door capping for Triumph Vitesses, MGBs and MG Migets, also doing work for TVR, NAYlOR Cars (hutson motor company), LEVANTE and a couple of other companies that restored JAGUAR Mark 2s, as well as the odd Rolls Royce (I was 19 years old when I refinished the interior of the first Rolls) and many other makes.
Moving on fast in time now to 2010, I started to restore my FULVIA S3, and found that the car had 2 left handed interior handles, so I decided to remake the dashdoard and new handles of wood in a burr walnut finish.
And there we have it! Check the photos




Burr walnut finish dash LHD RHD 130 Euros
The walnut finish handles each 85 Euros

Sapele veneered dashboard LHD RHD 130 Euros
Sapele veneered handles each 85 Euros

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Just getting started

This is all very new to me, but lets see how it goes
Sunday Morning 7.51 mid July
This morning I am going to finish the machining of a Sapele veneered dash which will match the two handles I have made and hopefully I can get them sanded ready for finishing
These handles and dashboards are for a Lancia Fulvia and a new idea I have is to start making and restoring classic car woodwork, this is not new to me, as quite a few years ago I had a bussiness doing just that.
Looking back and racking my brain, the first ever car wood interior I did was a RR and about 1920s, I was about 19 or 20years old and it was 1971, when long hair was all the rage